Parkinson's + CrossFit

Regardless of whether someone was diagnosed with Parkinson's recently or has been living with it for decades, the advice for living well is always the same: exercise.

Alongside dopamine-replacement medications, exercise is the most effective way to improve the function of a Parkinson's brain and body, with a life-changing impact.

Spouses/Caregivers/Friends Welcome

Why Parkinson's + CrossFit Program?

  •  Improve Mobility & Coordination

  •  Boost Mood 

  •  Reduce Stiffness and Tremors

  • Minimize Soreness and Fatigue

  • Improve Cognitive Function

  •  Improve Gait and Balance

  •  Reduce Sleep Problems

  •  Reduce Postural Instability

  •  Provide A Critical Social Outlet

Our Address is:

10 Mill Pond Dr

Granby, CT 06035

(We are near the Granby Stop N Shop, Wine ETC, and Horses and Hounds)

CrossFit by definition provides a unique opportunity, offering different style workouts every day to stimulate your mind and muscles. Plus, we'll have a lot of fun in class!

“The adverse effects of inactivity include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, insomnia, cognitive decline, depression, constipation, and all lead to early mortality. All of these are risk factors when you have Parkinson’s, so if you are both inactive and have Parkinson’s, your risk of early mortality is higher.”

– Professor Bas Bloem, Medical Director and Neurologist at the Parkinson Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Exercise: How Much Is Appropriate?

For people with Parkinson's, the recommended exercise guideline is a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise.

However, there are a few things to consider for Parkinson's athletes.

Firstly, any movement is beneficial, so even on days where you feel off, moving slowly, or didn't sleep well, any exercise you can manage is a victory.

Secondly, high-intensity exercise is more effective than low-intensity exercise when it is safe to do so.

Last, you may reach your exercise limit sooner than your non-Parkinson's peers, so it is essential to work with our Coaches to set achievable goals for your volume, intensity, and strength, based on your condition.

What Are The Memberships?

Personal Training

30 min - $50

Small Group Personal Training

Have a couple people you want to train with? Awesome!

Rates drop per added athlete

Rob Olson

Owner & CEO

Former Navy SEAL, Simsbury native, and avid endurance athlete, Rob found his love for functional fitness in the Navy and continues to use it to improve himself as an athlete and overall health.

Parkinson's is near and dear to Rob, as his father was diagnosed with Parkinson's several years ago. He trained with Rob and the community at ResoluteFIT for several years (formerly CrossFit Simsbury) before retiring to Florida.

Want to get in touch?

860-413-3485 (office, call or text)

860-539-4013 (cell, call or text)

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